A Super-fast Workout?

February 25, 2008

Research involving the Sport, Health and Exercise Science Research Unit at Glamorgan currently features on the New Zealand based Fitness and Leisure website.

According to many in the fitness industry a short, intense workout is the way forward and an article highlighting the benefits of a super-fast workout has been backed up by research from our sport scientists at the University.

Research at Glamorgan confirmed that people could cut the duration of their gym sessions by two-thirds and achieve the same results as those who slogged for longer. Regular exercisers were split into two groups and told to follow an upper-body weight-training programme. All worked out three days a week; one group performed one set of eight repetitions, while the others did three times as much. After two months, both groups displayed significant improvements in muscular strength and corresponding decreases in body fat.

Prof Julien Baker, who conducted the research, commented “Although our research focused on strength training, these results may also be true for other types of exercise. If, for instance, you run faster for a shorter time, it can be more beneficial than a long, slow plod.”

For further details please read the article A Super-fast Workout? from the Leisure and Fitness website.

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