Feature on Muscle Recovery

May 22, 2008

Prof Julien Baker, Professor of Exercise Physiology from the University of Glamorgan, recently featured in an article published on the fitness and lifestyle website Critical Bench.

The article, titled ‘A Strength Training Tip: Muscle Recovery’, refers to Prof Baker’s recent research into high intensity exercise that was completed at the University of Glamorgan. The research found that fitness enthusiasts can reduce the time they spend working out by two-thirds and still achieve the same results.

Prof Baker, who identified the need for muscles to recover from exercise, commented “This study indicates that it is counter-productive to spend hours at the gym, and that a shorter work-out can achieve exactly the same results.

Muscles take between 4–7 days to fully recover from a workout and another 2–3 days for over-compensation to take place. It can also take up to 7–14 days for the neuro – muscular system to fully recover from a high intensity strength training session.”

For further details please read the article – ‘A Strength Training Tip: Muscle Recovery’ from the Critical Bench website.

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