Unit members have published 280 peer-reviewed articles in the highest quality journals including Stroke, Circulation, Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, Journal of Physiology, American Journal of Physiology, Journal of Applied Physiology, Chest, Free Radicals in Biology and Medicine and Diabetologia; two edited books, 13 book chapters, two invited editorials, 275 national/international abstracts and oral/poster presentations including 89 invited Keynote talks at international research conferences.

Our experts

Professor Philip Ainslie

Professor Philip N. Ainslie
Visiting Professor
Key areas: The integrated mechanisms which regulate human cerebral blood flow in health and disease
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Damian Bailey

Professor Damian Bailey
Professor of Physiology and Biochemistry and Director of the Research Institute of Science and Health
Key areas:
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Dr Julien Brugniaux
Senior Lecturer
Key areas: Systemic and cerebral circulation in health and disease
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bruce Davies

Professor Bruce Davies
Field Leader
Key areas: Cardiovascular physiology; cardiac disease; hypoxia and exercise science


Dr Kevin A Evans
Key areas:
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Lewis Fall

Dr Lewis Fall
Key areas: Blood haemostatic system and its interaction with vascular disease
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Teresa Filipponi
Senior Lecturer in Human Nutrition
Key areas: Dietetics; nutrition and public health; the link between research and its impact on policy-making


Prof Gareth Jones
Visiting Professor
Key areas:


Eleri Jones
Senior Lecturer
Key areas: Stress and performance, measurement of performance anxiety, Welsh language development in sport


Ian Jeffreys

Dr Ian Jeffreys
Reader in strength and conditioning
Key areas: Athletic performance enhancement


Pip Laugharner

Pip Laugharne
Senior Lecturer Sports Science
Key areas: Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise


Professor Michael Lewis
Visiting Professor
Key areas:


Professor Richard Mullen
Professor of Elite Performance & Coaching
Key areas: Sport psychology; coaching and sports pedagogy and sports performance
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rachel Murray

Rachel Murray
Senior Lecturer
Key areas: Sports coaching; development of coaches/students in the delivery of sport and physical activity; LTAD; development of fundamental movement skills in children and young children’s participation in physical education, school sport and physical activity


karl new

Dr Karl New
Associate Head of Health, Sport & Professional Practice
Key areas: The control and integration of blood pressure and vascular tone upon exposure to acute environmental oxygen variation; post-exercise hypotension following dynamic exercise; post-exercise vascular conductance and endothelial function See research outputs and more information.


Dean Parsons

Dean Parsons
Senior Lecturer
Key areas: The effects of a reflective mentoring programme on coach development and effectiveness


Paul Rainer
Principal Lecturer in Coaching Science
Key areas: children’s physical literacy; children’s fundamental movement skill development; children’s functional movement; young children’s participation in physical education, school sport and physical activity


Dr Christopher Retallick
Senior Lecturer
Key areas: Investigating the prevalence and causes of obesity, metabolic syndrome and arterial stiffness in Welsh school children. Clinical exercise physiology; cardiovascular disease; body composition assessment; physical activity measurement


Russell Richardson

Professor Russell Richardson
Visiting Professor
Key areas: Vascular research; vascular and skeletal muscle function
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David Shearer

Dr David Shearer
Senior Lecturer in Sports Psychology
Key areas: Group dynamics, extreme sports, and readiness to train and compete in elite athlete. BPS Chartered and HPC registered Sport Psychologist, regularly consulted by Olympic and Paralympic athletes


Dean Whitcombe
Researcher Part Time Lecturer
Key areas: the health risk associated with abdominal obesity; the assessment of abdominal adipose tissue distribution with computed tomography; the prevention and treatment of Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with lifestyle intervention


Mark Williams

Dr Mark Williams
Key areas: The investigation of new clinical assessment technologies in both the primary and secondary healthcare sectors
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Dr Morgan Williams
Senior Lecturer in Sports Science
Key areas: sport science; hamstring strain Injury and measurement and evaluation


Dr Simon Williams
Head of the Division of Sport, Health and Exercise Science
Key areas: Clinical exercise physiology; metabolic physiology; obesity and obesity-related disorders: type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease; body composition assessment