Research Themes | Vascular

Current research

Developing areas

  • Obesity/diabetes: Understanding why obesity/diabetes are risk factors for cognitive decline; cardiovascular/cerebrovascular benefits of programmed weight loss collaborating with Wales’ only NHS weight management clinic
  • Neurodegenerative: Physical activity/nutritional interventions as treatments for clinical depression and Alzheimer’s Disease; mental stress and vascular dysfunction; biomarkers of sports concussion and link to cognitive decline/dementia
  • Surgical: Physical activity/nutritional interventions (novel targeted antioxidant therapy) in an attempt to slow the rate of stenotic plaque development and aneurysmal dilatation delaying the need for surgical intervention in patients with established atherosclerotic disease; remote ischaemic preconditioning as a means of improving surgical outcome.

We will also be increasing our collaborative research, both national and international. Recent collaborative research includes:

  • Free radical detection: Prof S Pietri & M Culcasi (University of Aix-Marseille, France), Prof J McCord (University of Colorado Denver, USA), Prof C Cooper (University of Essex, UK), Profs I Young & J McEneny (Queen’s University Belfast, N. Ireland) & Prof G Davison (University of Ulster, N. Ireland)
  • Vascular endothelial function: Profs R Richardson, A Donato & W Wray (University of Utah, USA), Prof P Wagner (University of California San Diego, USA) and Profs J Halcox/P James (Cardiff University), Profs U Wisløff/J Hoff (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway) and Prof J Allen (Duke University, USA)
  • Haemostasis: Prof PA Evans (Swansea University, UK). Neuroimaging: Profs R Wise and D Jones (Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre, UK), Prof T Steiner (University of Heidelberg, Germany), Prof M Knauth (University of Göttingen, Germany) & Prof D Janigro (Cleveland Clinic Foundation, USA) and Prof R Edden (Johns Hopkins University, USA)
  • Cognitive function: Prof J Hall, K Graham and A Lawrence (Cardiff University, UK)
  • High-altitude: Prof P Bärtsch & H Mäirbaurl (University of Heidelberg, Germany), Prof U Scherrer (University Hospital Bern, Switzerland), Prof C Sartori (Botnar Centre for Clinical Research, Switzerland), Prof M Villena (Bolivian Institute of High Altitude Biology, Bolivia), Prof E Swenson (University of Washington, USA), Prof C Imray (University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust), (Honorary) Prof J Milledge (University College London, UK) & Prof C Lundby (University of Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Cerebral haemodynamic function: Profs BK Pedersen, K Möller, B Saltin & N Secher (University of Copenhagen, Denmark), Prof S Ogoh (Toyo University, Japan), Prof R Panerai (University of Leicester, UK), Profs P Ainslie/A Sheel/N Eves (University of British Columbia, Canada), Dr W Colier (Radboud University, The Netherlands), Prof P Raven (University of North Texas Science Health Center, USA) & Profs Y Tzeng/J Cotter (University of Otago, New Zealand)
  • Surgical research: Prof M Lewis and Mr M Rocker (Royal Glamorgan Hospital, UK) & Dr W Ford (Cardiff University, UK).

Key facts

The Clinical Vascular Theme team have published in some of the highest impact-factor journals leading the molecular-vascular science specialist fields.

We have made strategic alliances with NHS staff, in particular vascular surgeons, to gain access to diabetic, stroke, AAA and peripheral arterial occlusive disease patients as clinical models of accelerated vascular ageing.

We have developed extensive collaborations with some of the world’s most eminent scientists leading their field of specialist interest. For example, Professor Damian Bailey is mentored by the pre-eminent Prof. JM McCord (University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, USA), twice nominated for the Nobel Prize for seminal contributions to free radical biology and medicine.

Academic team

Professor Damian Bailey
Dr Julien Brugniaux
Professor Bruce Davies
Dr Kevin Evans
Dr Lewis Fall
Professor Michael Lewis
Dr Karl New
Professor Russell Richardson
Dr Mark Williams