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The Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences Research Group is centred around two main themes, Vascular Health and Sports Performance. The two main themes are strategically supported by subgroups, which provide a home for more focused research activity.

Research themes

Centre for Football Research in Wales

In addition to these subgroups, direct end-user engagement is promoted by a themed Centre for Football Research in Wales. The Centre has a broad membership from all areas of the group and provides a direct link to a key external partner, the Football Association of Wales Trust to ensure that focused research outputs are translational and have impact.


The Sport, Health and Exercise Science Research Group seeks to produce applied and impactful research that benefits individuals, groups and organisations at a local, national and international level.

It is the Group’s intention to widen USW’s research footprint with the UK and internationally and thus become recognised as a centre for research excellence in the areas of: (a) Clinical Vascular Function; (b) Sport Psychology; (c) Managing High Performance and Injury in Elite Sport; and (d) Sports Coaching and Development.

We aim to achieve this by utilising and building on the current strengths held within the Group, namely:

  • Strategic partnerships with key sporting organisations and international higher education institutes (HEIs).
  • A wide range of external partners within the sports industry.
  • Innovative academic programmes that utilise novel delivery methods.
  • High level of industry knowledge and experience held by the staff.
  • Clinical collaborations and links to local Health Boards.
  • Access to high level, international and national teams, athletes, and performance support staff (traditionally difficult populations to work with).