Injury, Training Load and Monitoring, Rehabilitation


Underpinned by industry experience and driven by the desire to advance athletic performance and injury prevention knowledge, our team of applied scientists and accredited coaches are active in multidisciplinary research in the elite sport domain.

Spanning physical, technical and tactical athlete preparation, and in collaboration with industry partners worldwide our significant reach and impact is clearly demonstrated. For example, citations of our world leading research to guide injury prevention and physical preparation of athletes for performance are rapidly growing. In particular, recommendations as a result of our findings have been adopted by elite athletes, teams, national governing bodies, sports institutes, and special operations and tactics groups.

Most importantly, since our early publications back in 2013, evidence to confirm our team’s work to reduce time away from sport due to injury is now emerging.

Currently our multidisciplinary research includes the following Sport Science disciplines:

  • Sport Therapy and Rehabilitation
  • Sports Injury Surveillance and Epidemiology 
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Performance Analysis
  • Sports Coaching
  • Sport Psychology

Research projects

This research theme currently hosts a number of research projects that have been designed to utilise and capture a battery of physical and psychological measures in order to understand their association to injury risk, which is assessed prospectively.

Further, this research is being undertaken across a range of sports with the view to understanding some of the contextual demands placed on athletes that have the potential to increase risk of injury.

Utilising a range of analytical measures, we are currently undertaking research designed to make sense of the tactical trends associated with International Football.

Specifically, we are interested in the way in which goal scoring opportunities are created and how goals are scored, providing detailed examination of the build-up play leading to these outcomes. The aim is to provide evidence that supports ongoing coach education programmes.

Our applied research focus in Strength and Conditioning is being designed and applied in a range of sports and performance settings. We are interested in not only the mechanics of strength training and conditioning but also the effective application of coaching knowledge within this discipline.

Specifically, we are undertaking research that seeks to add a professional practice arm to the body of knowledge currently held within Strength and Conditioning to support the integration of the discipline into elite sporting practice.