Latest research on contact events in rugby union to be profiled on BBC

Tom Owens being interviewed for BBC Wales

Researcher Tom Owens

Professor Damian Bailey and Tom Owens yesterday (August 25, 2021) welcomed the BBC to the University of South Wales to discuss the findings of their most recent paper that  reveals that contact events in rugby is linked to reduced blood flow to the brain. The health consequence of this is crucial, as it may lead to neurodegenerative disease later in life. 

Tomos Morgan, a BBC Wales news correspondent, visited the Neurovascular Research Laboratory to discuss the findings of their work that will be published in the September edition of Experimental Physiology.

During the BBC’s visit, Damian and Tom performed ultrasound of blood vessels that deliver blood to the brain and select cognitive assessments, followed by an interview about the importance of physiological research in rugby union. 

The interview will be aired across the BBC lunchtime news and Radio 4 items in both English and Welsh. 

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