Welcome to Kristin Minister

Kristin Minister, senior research assistant

Welcome to Kristin Minister who joins us as a Senior Research Assistant in the Sport Psychology area.

Kristin has joined Professor David Shearer, Dr Ross Hall, and Professor Brendan Cropley to research the impact of the postponement/cancellation of the 2020 Japan Olympic Games on athletes and coaches who were hoping to compete in the Games. 

“I will be conducting interviews, analysing data, and bringing this data back to the team to analyse together and ensure that we are on the same page,” says Kristin.

“We will then use this information to determine what might be useful in terms of mental health support and begin developing the practicalities of this support. I will then be seeking out companies who wish to collaborate with us on step two of the project, which involves the practical development of the mental health support.”

A former elite volleyball player, Kristin moved to the UK from the US nearly nine years ago. “Sport has always been incredibly important to me, and my years in sport (and my experience transitioning out of sport) have made me want to further the psychological support we can deliver to athletes at individual and organisational levels,” she said. 

Kristin is a doctoral candidate at LJMU. Her research involves mental health and flourishing in EPL academy football, experiences of female equestrians, and experiences of elite athletes through COVID-19. 

“Over the years, I have developed a focus on well-being and performance, and am committed to improving athletes’ mental health rather than focusing purely on their mental ill-health," Kristin said. "This project aligns perfectly with my own goals of treating and preventing mental ill-health and promoting mental health in athletes. 

"Many athletes, particularly Olympic athletes in their unique situations, experienced serious challenges but also personal growth throughout the pandemic. I can’t wait to learn about their experiences in order to support athletes’ mental health and improve upon their experiences in the future. 

“Through the support of our partners, Sport Wales and Welsh Institute for Performance Science (WIPS), we will be able to make a real impact in the lives of athletes - and that’s the whole point of our work as researchers.”