PhD: Dr Sania Almousa

Dr Sania Almousa, Sport Phd, supervised by Dr Morgan Williams

"My PhD was investigating the risk factors of lower limb injuries in female athletes. Data from sports injuries in female athletes is often underrepresented, and as the number of female athletes participating in sports continues to grow, there is a major need for an improved overall understanding of the female athletes’ injuries and the associated risk factors. A better understanding of risk factors will contribute to the development of prevention programs and more effective care tailored specifically to the female athlete.

"A PhD requires a lot of hard work that includes countless hours of research and focus and personal sacrifices. Therefore, getting my PhD does make me feel proud and satisfied of having overcome significant challenges on the way to achieve my dream goal and of the results that I managed to obtain during this research journey.  

"For me the biggest benefit of pursuing a PhD is the knowledge and a set of transferable skills that you gain that prepare you for an academic career, such as analysis and problem-solving, project management from beginning to end, critical reasoning, and thinking in-depth from different angles and perspectives.  

"Doing my PhD at USW was a valuable experience, as I had the opportunity to meet amazing people, and I had the chance to work with them and to learn from them.

"It was great to work with supportive supervisors like Dr Morgan Williams who have lots of research experience and provided invaluable guidance and encouragement."

Full article: Identification of potential risk factors for lower limb injuries in female team-sport athletes: a prospective cohort study